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We provide a full stack marketing platform for new Fintech products. A liquid service, capitalizing on the best marketers and best IP, systemized into repeatable go-to-market playbooks.

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How we started

Started in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019, Aperture was born out of a series of observations.

The most successful B2B tech companies are those with the best go-to-market, not necessarily the best product. When you combine great product and great go-market, it’s explosive.

The best marketers get bored working for a single company. They stop learning. They spend all of their time in meetings, managing people and agencies. But they often don’t want to take the risk of being a freelancer or jumping from startup to startup.

You can take more risk on early stage companies if you can be sure that you can find them their first customers.

Technology is changing routes to customers and introducing new business models, and there are lucrative opportunities for the platforms that can facilitate these new flows.

What do we do?

Growth Marketing as a Service aperture

Our unique approach

We hire people who want to push themselves, want to work with the most exciting companies, in the most dynamic areas. Who want to learn fast – on the job and working with the best.
This way, we ensure continuous, fast learning, codifying what works and applying everywhere. But while we’re outside, we’re also inside. Adopting our clients’ tools, joining their meetings, adapting to their culture.
While we’re outside, we’re also inside. Adopting our clients’ tools, joining their meetings, adapting to their culture.
Early-stage fintechs can’t attract the best marketers or afford full service marketing. The best marketers don’t want to take the risk of joining a startup. So we put ourselves between the two sides. We hire the marketers, but they work directly for the fintechs – but across many, to make it affordable to have the best and to have a full service.
We invest so that we don’t have to charge a margin on what we do. Our upside comes from the capital appreciation we can generate together with the team. Aligning our interests, and further removing the idea of us as some kind of external agency.
Growth Marketing as a Service aperture

Our Manifesto

Our growth platform’s business model is built on two major trends: the changing nature of the firm and the changing nature of work.

Our message to founders, business operators and knowledge workers is simple.

In pursuit of faster growth, firms must choose what not to do.

In pursuit of continuous learning, professionals should choose what to do. 

In our networked world, what is inside and outside a company becomes increasingly fungible and it is clear that the bedrock of competitive advantage moves from how to scale internal organizations to how to orchestrate the most valuable ecosystem.

In the knowledge economy, establishing flows of information between independent yet interdependent individuals is critical to ensuring growth. Resourcing decisions must move away from the old paradigm which demands that its best talent works exclusively for one employer. Nor should it assume that the best talent wants to work for a single-company anymore.

Most talent matchmaking platforms focus on individuals performing micro-tasks requiring commoditized skills, and only a few on combining random individuals into what they later call a project team. However, by choosing to operate at scale, they pass on the overhead burden of managing real business projects back to their clients. In the new paradigm, what is required are tight-knit teams of superstar individuals that expand and contract as demands requires it, communicate with each other as efficient as APIs do, and operate in sync to deliver complex projects end-to-end. 

A true growth platform lets companies access the best creative talent they need to take their strategy, marketing and product to the next level in a way that transfers risk from both sides and underwrites the outcomes. It is therefore more capital intensive, takes longer to scale, but add much more value by externalizing network effects.

Accessing the best people (the people who would not necessarily take the risk of joining a certain company directly or who prefer not to work for a single company) should come bundled with an overseeing party, a party that takes accountability and underwrites the outcomes.

Professionals seek optionality and variety and wish to work across a range of fast growing companies in the same time, to enable real-time knowledge transfer and interesting interactions. Equally, they are not prepared to give away their financial safety in exchange for professional freedom, hence still require minimum guaranteed pay and benefits (with or without client work). 

External parties can be external in form, but in substance they become deeply embedded in the firms they work with sharing the same goals, adopting the company tools and adapting to its culture. And by investing capital or receiving equity for work in exchange of cash, alignment is in perfect equilibrium.

Being external enables network effects, from the ability to better match not just requirements with people, but people with people, initiatives with data, products with strategies, assembling the fluid and interdisciplinary knowledge that lets firms adapt to greater pace of change.

aperture manifesto network effects growth platform

Our values

Our ambition is to sustain exceptional growth by delivering ROI (Return on Investment) to our client partnerships and aligning the ROI (Rewarded, Open and Invested) values to our growing aperture team.
To be valued, to feel appreciated and be identified for adding value. To be rewarded and recognised for a valued contribution to business performance and culture. To feel rewarded by the work we create.
Being open to sharing, respecting and trusting each other. Being open to learning and experiencing new things.
To invest both emotionally and financially as a business in our work and the success of our clients and to share invested success. To invest in our talents – to nurture and build our skills and careers.

Join us

If you’re a brilliant marketer, looking to apply your wisdom, check out our open roles.

Our small, but expert, team are specialists in developing and executing go-to-market strategies for digital-age businesses. We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’. Not even in one-size-fits-many. We never apply standard templates or models but craft the right approach for every unique business we work with to develop bespoke strategic solutions.

In order to ensure and achieve success, we work with a few, great companies and become deeply embedded in their operations and culture in order to best develop solutions for and with them. We believe in doing, not just saying – applying all of our team’s collective know-how and industry knowledge in the pursuit of customer success.

In short, we’re here to confer on your business an unfair advantage. This is possible because we’re committed to practicing what we preach, so much so that we’re also building a content hub and curated community, built on the exchange of ideas around technology, strategy and the dynamics of the platform economy.

Ben Robinson

After working for Exane BNP Paribas as part of an award-winning tech research team, Ben joined Temenos, a market-leader in banking software. At Temenos, Ben was Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and ran the Temenos MarketPlace, its platform for connecting banks and fintech scale-ups.

Emma Wadey

Emma has almost twenty years in financial services product marketing, product strategy and comms, specializing in payments, corporate banking and financial crime mitigation. Before Aperture, Emma gained her experience at companies such as VocaLink (part of Mastercard), Temenos, Lloyds Bank and Deloitte. She is normally to be found enjoying the rural beauty of Southern France.

Dan Colceriu

With more than 12 years of experience spanning strategy, marketing and finance in enterprise software and fintech, Dan likes challenges that involve translating the complex into the simple. His latest role was Senior Strategy Manager at Temenos. Despite being trained as a marketeer, Dan is temperamentally more of an accountant.

Irene Hemmer

Irene has worked in the marketing arena for more than eighteen years and covered roles from Marketing Head of Global Industry and Technology to Head of Global Field Marketing, based in Amsterdam, New York and now London. Owning most functions within the marketing landscape, gives her a unique perspective of how marketing can add most value, in particular as it relates to sales processes. Marketing has a great opportunity to shine through what we call Precision Marketing and working alongside sales to truly make difference in customer engagement and drive revenue for organisations.

Diana Harut

Diana has worked in various marketing teams within tech companies like Temenos or Veeam, covering operational and automation projects, bringing value through her analytical skills, grasp of technology and efficiency. She is the one that ensures everything just… works.