Banking myths

Banking Myths by aperture 8

Banking Myths

Beautifully illustrated interpretations of the most common banking myths in the digital age

Banking Myths 2021 Calendar Dharmesh Mistry

I love this series. It starts my weekend with a smile.

Dharmesh Mistry

FinTech Serial Entrepreneur, FinTech Futures writes

Banking Myths 2021 Calendar Amanda Steward

Simply brilliant. Made me smile. Love it!

Amanda Steward

Product Marketing at Aptitude Software

Hahahaha, nice one!

Riccardo Porta

Marketing presso at MyBank

Banking Myths 2021 Calendar Marc Philippo

Nice one aperture! Right on the nail.

Marc Philippo

VP Sales at ezbob

Banking Myths 2021 Calendar Tommy Kearns

Love this!

Tommy Kearns

CEO at XtremePush

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