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Structural Shifts podcast by aperture technology platform economy strategy future of work

Structural Shifts

A podcast discussing the structural shifts in Technology, Strategy, the nature of Work and the dynamics of the Platform Economy.

Simone Cicero Recommends

I found this podcast borderline post-modern, and refreshingly frank. A profound look into what's next. Love every bit! The guests, the music, the format.

Simone Cicero

Co-Creator of Platform Design Toolkit

Bozhidar Hristov recommends structural shifts

I really love this podcast series. There's not much content like this coming out from Europe. Should serve as an example to others

Bozidhar Hristov

Full Stack Developer at Upbeat Music App

This is a really fantastic conversation. The single best podcast I have heard about our futures post-Covid19. A must-listen. Covers a wide canvas of themes, with a well-grounded perspective about US, UK, France and China. Excellent.

Dominic Cameron

Board Member, ex-CTO of

James Miners recommends Structural Shifts

Each conversation is like having a dinner conversation with a smart friend who has come back from a voyage. I listen when driving or jogging - the miles just melt away and I arrive with a refreshed mind.

James Miners

Head of Startup Innovation Programs at Fongit Incubator

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