Wealth Management Trends 2021

Wealth Management Trends 2021

Wealth Management
Trends 2021 and beyond

Our exploration of the structural shifts impacting the wealth management industry.
Strategy insights from the aperture team as well as crowdsourced knowledge from the people shaping the industry.

Wealth Management Trends

Embedded Insurance 2.0: Best Case Studies

08 Aug 2022

4x4 Virtual Salon with Graeme Dean, Sriram Jayanthi, Jim Dwane and Roberto Gonzalez.

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Banking-as-a-Service BaaS Landscape Q1 2021 aperture (featured)

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS): Navigating the Maze

01 Mar 2021

The worlds of Open Banking, SaaS and BaaS may actually be converging – with several highly lucrative winner-take-most platforms likely...

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New Business Models in Wealth Management

25 Feb 2021

4x4 Virtual Salon featuring Chris Bartz, Christine Schmid, Dmitry Panchenko and Bertrand Gacon.

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The Market Map by aperture.co Wealth Management Software Vendors Benchmark

A new approach to enterprise software analysis (and why we launched The Market Map)

12 Feb 2021

Introducing The Market Map for Wealth Management Software Solutions, a new approach to evaluate technology solutions in the digital age.

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4x4 Virtual Salon by aperture.co Democratization of Wealth Management

Democratization of Wealth Management

11 Feb 2021

4x4 Virtual Salon featuring: Sid Sahgal, Nikolai Hack, Qiaojia Li and Michael O'Sullivan.

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A long view on banking disruption with Marc Rubinstein

A Long View of Banking Industry Disruption (#36)

20 Jan 2021

Structural Shifts with Marc RUBINSTEIN, former hedge fund partner and author of the Net Interest newsletter.

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Digital Assets are coming of age Adrien Treccani

Digital Assets are Coming of Age (#34)

03 Dec 2020

Structural Shifts with Adrien TRECCANI, CEO of METACO, the foundation of digital assets

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Hard Truths about Digital Banking with Leda GLYPTIS

Hard Truths about Digital Banking (#32)

05 Nov 2020

Structural Shifts with Leda GLYPTIS, Chief Client Officer at 10x Technologies

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The net moat network effects

The new moat in financial services (and why P. Thiel, not W. Buffett,…

17 Dec 2019

In the networked age, scale of production is no longer a moat. Instead, network effects are the new moat. Peter...

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Network Effects in Financial Services, with Evgenia Plotnikova, Martin McCann, Oliver Prill

Network Effects in Financial Services (#8)

28 Nov 2019

Structural Shifts with Evgenia Plotnikova (Principal VC @ Dawn Capital); Martin McCann (CEO at Trade Ledger) and Oliver Prill (CEO...

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Digital Era Banking Systems of Intelligence

Digital Era Banking Systems

18 Sep 2019

The banking software market is reconfiguring around the demands of the digital economy — and value is accruing to new...

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What is a Challenger Bank for?

What is a Challenger Bank for?

29 Jul 2019

The last couple of months have seen JP Morgan close its digital bank Finn, as well as BPCE close the UK arm...

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The Market Map for Best WealthTech Providers 2021

With The Market Map, we are upgrading vendor assessment criteria to help those charged with selecting, scaling or investing in wealth management software solutions to make better informed decisions about what characteristics matter in the digital age.

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