Growth marketing.
And growth capital.

Once we feel comfortable enough to invest our time on a marketing engagement, we’re normally also ready to invest capital, too.

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Our thesis

Our investment thesis is built on two pillars.

The financial services industry is digitizing and becoming networked and it requires new, digital-age infrastructure:

  • Embedded Finance solutions that orchestrate between regulated financial firms and the brands looking to offer financial services integrated into the customer proposition.
  • Enterprise SaaS solutions that can enable incumbent financial institutions to digitize and innovate their existing business models – composable software platforms and AI solutions for automation and better decision-making.
  • Infrastructure & Risk Management solutions that enable scalable, secure and compliant innovation regarding how individuals and institutions exchange and store value.
It gives us an edge. It’s a value proposition that attracts great deal flow. Providing these services allows us to de-risk and accelerate the success of portfolio companies, building brand awareness and acquiring customers more cheaply and at greater scale. And it allows us to do inside-out due diligence before committing larger sums.
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Our Investor Network

We work with a select number of qualified investors who are are keen to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in early stage Fintech and for those who are looking for exclusive deal flow unavailable elsewhere. Access to our investment community is by application or referall only.

If you’re interested, reach out to us at to learn more.

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Our portfolio

Embedded Finance

additiv partners with leading brands across the world to help them capitalize on the possibilities of embedded finance, integrating wealth, credit and insurance services into their value propositions. Invested since 2021.

Assure Hedge allows financial and non-financial firms to embed derivatives, such as currency options, into everyday services, such as online marketplace transactions, to allow individual consumers to simply and cost-effectively protect themselves from market risks. Invested since 2020.

Monese is a leading UK-based challenger bank and Banking-as-a-Service provider. Shareholders since 2021.

Trade Ledger is a lending-as-a-service orchestration platform allowing business lenders to create data-driven lending products, embedded in financial and non-financial distribution channels. Invested since 2020.

Fintech SaaS

Jaid is a system of intelligence used to automate and streamline business communications, such as customer enquiries, interfacing between interaction channels and back-office system of record. Invested since 2022.

Impaakt is moving us beyond ESG. It relies on the collective intelligence of a community of more than 50,000 trainer raters and contributors to measure and judge the impact of thousands of companies according to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Invested since 2022.

Econiq develops an engagement platform for financial services. Its core product, The Conversation Hub, is a virtual meeting space that allows advisory firms to prepare, run, perform, and improve client interactions with ease and efficiency. Invested since 2022.

Moroku provides an engagement platform for financial services. It helps banks to provide their customers with the right services all the way along the customer lifecycle, leaning a lot on gamification. Invested since 2019.

Infrastructure & Risk Management

Metaco provides mission-critical technology and infrastructure to the world’s leading financial and non-financial institutions, enabling them to custody, trade, tokenize digital assets (crypto currencies, stable coins, tokenized securities, NFTs, CBDCs, and other DeFI tokens). Shareholders since 2022.

A University of Cambridge spin-off using deep tech to transform how the world produces and consumes regulatory information. Invested since its formation in 2020.

SquareFactory provides highly specialized AI services and technology solutions that enable businesses to create and implement data-driven strategies, automate data analysis and safely leverage artificial intelligence, at low costs. Its main product, iSquare, is an end-to-end, automated MLOps platform, enabling companies to train, deploy and monitor machine learning models, at scale. Invested since 2022.

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