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We work with a few, great companies and become deeply embedded in their operations and culture while creating an unfair advantage.

Growth Marketing as a Service aperture


We help our clients overcome the challenges of reaching attention-poor customers and the related high cost of acquisition.

We help them to build distinctive brands and content that cut above the noise, to convey their brand promise more concisely and impactfully, and to understand exactly their audience so they can deliver the right messages to the right stakeholders.

We do this using a mix of proprietary know how, methodologies and technology.

Detailed segmental analysis allows us to run multi-channel campaigns into precise target audiences, never forgetting that great copy and great design are also critical. We also provide the communications and content air cover to improve visibility and improve our client’s ad score.

We believe that content and product marketing are pivotal. They bind together above-the-line brand building activities with below-the-line customer activation activities. Our specialty is in helping clients constantly refine their product messaging, while producing authentic content at scale.

We use a set of methodologies that are proven to improve the odds of closing strategic/must-win deals as well as improve the conversion rates on key target accounts. The secret is knowing more about prospects than competitors do and signaling that the deal matters more.

We help you to build a brand that conveys a big idea and stands out against the rest, along with the distinctive visual identity that underlines this.

Embedded marketing you need?

Strategy Consulting aperture


We work with companies and their investors and help them navigate the paradigm shift, while conferring on their business an unfair advantage.  We help design, build, fund and scale business models that  maximize demand-side economies of scale.

We work with tech start-ups as they scale, with incumbents as they launch new business units, and with universities as they spin out commercial projects.

Our team brings a strong combination of practical experience working in software and technology with a deep knowledge of banking and capital markets. We’re business people who had to learn to be consultants, rather than vice versa.

Whether you’re an established bank looking to launch a challenger brand or a fintech looking at entering a new market, we can provide you with a full assessment of the market and competitive dynamics, including
recommendations around product strategy and go-to-market.

We study your customer lifecycle, needs, segmentation and buyer personas to sharpen up your messaging and collateral, but also to help you identify the most efficient and cost effective customer acquisitions strategies.

We create bottom-up financial models that enable you to project future growth, flexing for different scenarios and sizing different strategic initiatives. We also help optimize your pricing and monetization strategies.

We conduct broad landscaping analysis to find the companies that match your investment criteria. We also provide detailed competitor analysis and benchmarking based on The Market Map, our proprietary evaluation methodology and database.

The Market Map for Embedded Insurance 2022

This is an in-depth report for senior commercial and strategy leaders across all sectors and geographies who want to understand how Embedded Insurance can help grow their business.

For brands (big and small) – looking for new ways to add value to customers.

For insurers – looking for new growth opportunities.

For insuretechs – looking to keep pace with new market developments.

For fintech investors – looking to understand the characteristics of future winners.

For entrepreneurs – looking for a new, exciting market to play in.

For regulators – looking to understand the next wave of fintech innovation.

For advisors – seeking new insights to help their clients enhance their business models.

VC Investing Venture Capital aperture


We like to invest in the companies we work with. Once we feel comfortable enough to invest our time on a project, we’re normally also ready to invest our capital, too. As well as giving upside potential, it helps to align risks and rewards. We’re as or even more committed than any other member of the internal team.

Typically, we invest at Seed or series A in rounds led by established VC firms.

Below are some of our investments to date.

We don’t write big tickets, but we do invest early. If we like the founding team and the business model, we’ll back very early stage ventures: at seed or even pre-seed. Our average investment is $100,000.

All of the businesses we’ve invested in are great businesses, but many don’t have a plan or a desire to exit. If this if your case, we’ll happily invest for a share of future cashflows or revenues.

Where you stumble across a market opportunity or develop IP that is valuable but where you don’t believe you have the skills or bandwidth to pursue it, we are ready to build joint ventures to execute on the opportunity and share the value creation.

Due diligence on behalf of other investors – across the team we have deep technical and domain expertise that we can put to use on behalf of other investors to help them find the businesses that meet their investment criteria.

Looking to raise funds?

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